How to Clean Suede Shoes? Important Tips

How to Clean Suede Shoes?

How to Clean Suede Shoes? Important Tips

Leather has a smooth, hard, oily and polished appearance as a material. On the contrary, suede has a fuzzy and hairy structure that tries to keep the warmth inside as a material. Therefore, although both materials are very durable, suede is more sensitive than leather and absorbs liquids much easier. While the liquid permeability of a shoe made of leather material is quite low, it is much more likely for liquid to enter into suede shoe models.

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Even if the shoes made of suede are used with care, there may be situations that require cleaning. These situations can be the creep marks on your suede shoes, dried water marks on the suede or liquid spills. In long-term use of suede shoes, dirt accumulation, mud or similar substances may occur in various parts of the shoe.

You need to know that the material used in the production of suede clothing is in a different form than the material used in suede shoes. As long as suede clothes are washed in the washing machine according to the correct instructions, they cannot be damaged and can be cleaned with dry cleaning methods. The main reason for this situation is that the suede fabric is in a different form than the suede leather used in shoes.

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Although suede clothes can be easily cleaned, the cleaning methods for suede shoes are slightly different. Since suede shoes have a delicate structure, it is recommended to clean them with a special suede brush and suede rubber. In addition, paper towels, cloth towels, pencil erasers and white vinegar in your home are among the important materials for cleaning and maintaining your suede shoes. If the suede shoes are contaminated with difficult stains such as oil, you should clean them with a special degreaser for suede leather.

Suede Shoe Cleaning Methods

Before you start cleaning your suede shoes, you should know general information about cleaning suede shoes. Trying to clean your suede shoes by following the wrong method may cause unwanted stains or odors on your shoes. The first thing you should pay attention to when cleaning suede shoes is that you do not try to clean your shoes until they are completely dry. You can press a paper towel or cloth towel lightly to remove moisture from your shoes, and it would be better to wait in an environment away from moisture to dry your shoes completely.

You can use a suede brush to remove the dirt accumulated on the fabric of your suede shoes. If you do not have or do not want to buy a suede brush, you can start the cleaning process with the help of a toothbrush or rasp. The most important detail that you should not forget is to do the application lightly and in one direction. Otherwise, you may damage the fabric of your suede shoes.

Suede rubber and pencil eraser will help you remove scratches and obvious stains on your shoes. If you have suede rubber, your first choice here should be rubber, but if you don't have it, a clean pencil eraser can also help you remove scratches on your shoes. You can use a little more pressure when using suede rubber and a pencil eraser, but make sure your movements are unidirectional. With this method, you can remove dry dirt and small scratches stuck to your shoes.

The most ideal solution to remove the stains on suede shoes and solve the hardening problem will be the application of white vinegar. You can use a soft cloth towel or microfiber cloth for this. Drop some vinegar on your cloth and rub the stains in one direction. It is very important that you do not increase the amount of vinegar too much and that you rub the stain patiently.

Do not be alarmed if you see that the color of your shoes has changed in the application of white vinegar. Suede can naturally change color when wet, and you can see that it regains its original color when dry. In the cleaning method with degreaser, you should prefer products produced for suede material. Cleaners produced for different materials can damage your shoes.

How to Clean Light Colored Suede Shoes?

Light-colored suede shoes are very difficult to maintain, and they may need cleaning due to particles such as dust and dirt, even while they are in the closet. When cleaning your light-colored suede shoes, you should try to prefer a suede brush instead of liquids. Thanks to the suede brush, you can easily remove dust and dirt on your shoes without damaging them and prevent a stained appearance.

If you do not have a suede brush and you want to clean the dry spots on your shoes, it would be right to get help from a stiff bristle brush. You can easily clean your suede shoes by gently moving your brush in one direction. As an alternative to the brush, you can use suede erasers produced for suede material. It will be enough to clean your shoes by rubbing your suede eraser on the dirty area of ​​your shoes.

If there are heavier stains on your suede shoes and you could not clean them with the help of a brush or an eraser, you should get help from liquids at this point. Pour some white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or liquid suede shoe cleaner onto a damp, clean cloth. Then gently rub the dirty part of your shoe. If there are still dry spots on your shoes when they are dry, remove any remaining spots with a suede brush.

How to Clean Blue Suede Shoes?

Suede material can be defined as a velvet textured leather prepared from the lower part of the skin of an animal. As can be understood from the definition, suede has a much softer and more sensitive structure compared to leather. Due to its delicate structure, suede, which was used only in the production of gloves at first, later started to be used in the production of different clothes and shoes. Today, the most preferred color for suede clothes and shoes is blue.

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The fact that the color blue is preferred by both women and men has led to questions about how to clean blue suede shoes. To clean your blue suede shoes, you need to prepare a liquid solution by mixing white vinegar with ½ of water. Then, it is recommended to soften the stain first with the help of a brush or rasp. In the last step, you can clean your blue suede shoes by applying the solution you have prepared with the help of a cloth or sponge to your shoes.

Cleaning Suede Shoes with Household Materials

The velvet texture of suede shoes is attractive as well as having an open-pored structure that is prone to dirt. The open-pored texture of suede is very easy to get wet or dirty, and this will cause your shoes to become stained. However, despite this disadvantageous feature, you can carefully clean your shoes and bring them back to their original state thanks to the suede brush, clean cloth, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and fabric protective sprays in your home.

Can Suede Shoes Be Wiped With Wet Cloth?

We have mentioned before that suede shoes are produced with open pores and a delicate structure. For this reason, we do not recommend cleaning your suede shoes with a very wet cloth or directly with water. Instead, you can use a slightly damp soft cloth and perform the desired wiping without damaging the surface of your shoes.

How to Clean Suede Boots?

Suede boots can be easily cleaned with a suede brush, sponge or suede shoe spray as in suede shoes. In order not to damage your suede boots, it is important to avoid hard moves during the cleaning process, to brush lightly in one direction and not to wet your shoes too much. After cleaning your suede boots, you can keep them in a closed and moisture-free environment so that they can dry quickly.

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March 30, 2022
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